SLO County IBC Presents PAWS

Posted At : February 26, 2012 3:06 PM

Director Sherry Ludwig sent this report from the San Luis Obispo Interbranch meeting.

With PAWS as its acronym, Pets Are Wonderful Support, the San Luis Obispo County IBC raised awareness and won the hearts of all who attended

the annual breakfast event held yesterday at the Madonna Inn.  The ooo’s and aw’s could be heard throughout the room and I’m sure throughout the County as our special four-footed guests arrived.

While service dogs are individually trained to work with a person with a disability, therapy dogs are in the community performing a variety of tasks from helping children to read to comforting our seniors. 

This informative and enjoyable event also served to highlight how each of the SLO County branches contribute to their communities and to AAUW CA! 

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