It's Program Planning Time; Financial Literacy Can Help!

Posted At : June 13, 2011 7:22 PM

Are you looking for a new, exciting and challenging branch program for next year? Financial Literacy offers two new mission based programming ideas. After the recent economic debacle Financial Literacy is everywhere from White House to Wall Street to Main St.

To provide young women with proper tools to face the world once they get out of the college, we came up with two programs. The first program is  “Basic Personal Money Management” for students in the first two years of college. The second program, for graduating students, is called “$tart $mart”.  AAUW presents the program in partnership with WAGE (Women Are Getting Even).

Basic Personal Money Management” is divided in six modules as follows:

1) Banks & Checking Accounts
2) Credit & Debit Cards
3) Budgeting
4) Investing
5) Borrowing – Loans for School & Car
6) Renting v/s Buying a Home

All these modules are being posted on this website in Forms & Documents under Financial Literacy (click HERE) Branches and IBCs can get the students from colleges in the community and present the program in one session or  divide it in two sessions. Students will be handed a workbook to take home and practice.

Additional reference material and helpful web addresses will be also provided. For more information, contact Bakula Maniar

The second program, “$tart $mart” is already being presented by some California branches. It is in partnership with WAGE for graduating college students. The program provides students with following tools:
1) Basic skills of how to negotiate salary and benefits to receive fair and realistic compensation.
2) It teaches them how to set the benchmarking the salary range, the impact of market realities and compare skills and accomplishment compare to job requirements
3) Know the bottom line by developing a bare bones budget.

We are planning to invite WAGE trainer Annie Houle in October and March or April, so those branches that are interested in a training workshop should get in touch with the colleges in their communities so we can maximize the usage of our grant money. For details, including the cost of this workshop, contact Bakula Maniar

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