Upcoming Deadlines

Posted At : November 18, 2011 7:01 PM

November 23 is the deadliine for convention workshop RFP. Use the form found on this website in Forms & Documents under Convention 2012 (click HERE). Send the completed form to programdir@aauw-ca.org and convention2012@aauw-ca.org.

December 1 is the deadline for AAUW Funds donation credit for 2011 year. Use forms found in Forms & Documents under AAUW Funds (click HERE).  Send the completed form to national AAUW with the donations and send a copy to the AAUW CA office, 2000 L St., Ste. 150, Sacramento CA 95811.

December 10 is the deadline for nominations to run for state president, secretary or director. Go to the Elections & Nominations section of this website and look for the Call For Candidates.  It is important to closely follow the instructions therein.

December 10 is the deadline for the March issue of California PERSPECTIVE. Send submissions to communicationsdir@aauw-ca.org.


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